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PoCax 2013
Rules for exhibit/competition

All members are eligible to enter any number of boards in the competition.

All boards must be white, 22" x 28" and used in its vertical format.

Each board may exhibit between nine (minimum) and 21 (maximum) cards. Card captions may be handwritten or printed.

There are no restrictions on cards displayed on the same board. (Example: a real-photo may be mixed with any other type cards on the same board.) Anything goes.

All boards must have an appropriate title.

No attachments are permitted, i.e. balloons, streamers, buttons, ribbons, etc.

No added decorations are permitted, i.e. fancy borders, photographs, or drawings.

All entries must have the exhibitor's name and "PoCax 2013" on the back. Preferably in the upper-left corner.

All boards must be covered with a Mylar sleeve and taped closed.

All boards to be entered in the competition should be in the hall no later than 9:00 a.m. Boards may not be removed from the exhibit easels until the awards are announced.

It must be remembered that the boards will be stapled to the exhibit easels. Staple holes will result.

Any board that has won Best of Show in a previous PoCax competition is ineligible.

Awards presented at PoCax 2013 will be: Best of Show and three (3) Honorable Mentions

Submission of non-competition boards is always encouraged. A non-competition board is any one that would be disqualified by the rules above. Members who have won Best of Show awards are especially encouraged to enter those boards in the non-competition exhibit.

Good luck to all.